Labo-Net SQL

Labo-Net SQL - datalogging för torkningssystem
Eliminera den vanliga hanteringen av Windows-baserade software uppdateringar och virusskyddsprogram.

Safe & easy to use SQL database server directly in the PLC system, eliminating the usual tackle of Windows based software updates and virus protection software.

The Labotek SQL database is using standard web browser tool for access to relevant process data from the drying and conveying system, to be used for quality control and general logistics management.
Database is designed for Labo-Net controls and is prepared for running with or without the Labotek Gravi-Dryer® system.

The SQL database enables:
• Logging of process data for further analyzing / quality assurance
• Download of material recipe to / from customer ERP system
• Logging of drying parameters
• Can be used both for documentation and maintenance. Can also be used as proof to determine if the error happened in the automatic system or operator error.
• Logging of alarms
• Recipe control
• Energy consumption data from drying system

For further details, please refer to the Labo-Net & Gravi-Dryer® literature.

Labo-Net SQL - datalogging for drying systems

Example of data logging exported into Microsoft Excel.

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