Desiccant Flex Dryer DFD 100-200

Desiccant Flex Dryer DFD 100-200
Torken har ett mycket litet fotavtryck och kan torka flera hygroskopiska plastråvaror samtidigt

Central desiccant dryer for continuous drying of granular plastic materials to final moisture content of 0.02% or lower.

The DFD dryer has been designed for drying hygroscopic raw materials, non-hygroscopic raw materials and regrinds in the temperature range from 60-200°C.

The DFD can be connected to a number of Drying Hoppers (DH) ranging in size from DH 15 to DH 600. The DH can either be placed on the processing machines or be centrally located in an assembly on a frame with the DFD dryer. Dew point down to ÷40°C or better.

DFD 100-200 comes with a microprocessor control type Lab-Dry, with touch-panel in color.

Comprehensive 3 years warranty, excl. wear parts.

DFD 100 150 200
Air flow capacity [m3/h] 100 150 200

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