Desiccant Dry Loader Mobile - DDL

Desiccant Dry Loader Mobile - DDL
Significant energy savings via a moisture dependent regeneration system

DDL Desiccant Dry Loader Mobile is a dry air dryer with built-in vacuum conveyor for free-flowing plastic granules

The DDL is especially designed for drying of plastic raw materials which can only be processed satisfactorily at very low humidity rates. This applies in particular to materials such as PET, different types of nylon, ABS, PMMA and other plastic raw materials for technical moulding.

• Over drying protection system (LESS)
• Colour touch screen
• Drying Hopper available in 25, 40, 75 and 100 litres
• All raw material contact points made of Stainless Steel
• Filter protected system preventing cross contamination
• Low noise level
• Comprehensive 3 years warranty, excl. wear parts

Singlephase Vacuum hopper loader to/from the dryer and catchbox with manual slidevalve is standard.

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