Ferlin Control for Gravimetric Dosing & Mixing

Ferlin Control for Gravimetric Dosing & Mixing

The control makes is easy to operate machine status, production mode, parameters, recipes and material consumption.

• Software update and back-up of recipes through USB port
• Alarm history with date and time
• Storage of app. 100 components
• Storage of app. 1000 recipes
• Language selection during production
• Industrial panel PC
• TFT LCD Touchscreen
• Windows

The touch-screen handheld control, GM-H, is microprocessor-controlled and can be used for either one or several GRAVIMIX systems.

The control allows you to enter and/or read out all relevant data including:
Machine status, production mode, parameters, material consumption and one recipe plus relevant data per component.

After the recipe has been entered, the control can be disconnected and the system will operate independently.
The handheld control is ideal as a local control when more GRAVIMIX systems are linked in a network. It allows, even during operation, the desired component ratio or percentage to be changed.


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