Desiccant Flex Dryer DFD 300-8500

Desiccant Flex Dryer DFD 300-8500
DFD 300-8500 series generates dry air by use of energy efficient ventilators, saving up to 60% on the power bill, compared to conventional units. DFD 300-450 is furthermore fitted with a frequency inverter as standard.

Central desiccant dryer for continuous drying of granular plastic materials to final moisture content of 0.02% or lower

The DFD 300-8500 dryer is able to supply dry air with a dew point down to ÷40ºC or lower, to one or more insulated Drying Hoppers (DH hoppers) according to requirement.

The DFD dryer has been designed for drying hygroscopic raw materials, non-hygroscopic raw materials and regrinds in the temperature range from 60-200ºC.

Microprocessor control type Lab-Dry, with touch-panel in color
PLC - Processor Control Siemens 1200, Control panel KP300.

Comprehensive 3 years warranty, excl. wear parts.

DFD 300 450 600 1000 1500 1700 4000 6000 8500
Air flow capacity [m3/h] 300 450 600 1000 1500 1700 4000 6000 8500


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