Medical solutions

Our stainless steel “easy clean” loading and blending equipment is very well suited for this sector.

It is also possible to collect data for quality and material control using Ferlin and Labotek bespoke control systems.

High quality and reliability are essential to avoid contamination in medical products. Labotek has a world-wide reputation as a supplier of high quality equipment for the plastics industry. We supplies specific products for medical clean room applications within storing, drying, dosing and vacuum conveying products, with FDA traceability.

We will be happy to share all our know-how within your industry – contact us for more information. You can also read here about some of the products and solutions we have delivered.



Labotek Control

Labotek Control
Labotek’s Control series takes full control of materials handling requirements. Unmatched flexibility in configuration options.

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Conveying hopper loader Con-Evator SVR

Con-Evator SVR - vacuum hopper loader.

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Conveying systems
Labotek’s conveying systems are recognized for their high level of durability and performance.

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DMR - desiccant mobile rotor dryer small

DMR desiccant mobile rotor series ensure max. energy efficiency and flexibility for small and medium size applications.

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LCD air dryer small

Compressed Air Dryer series - LCD - with a dew point down to -50°C, reduces power consumption.

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LRD - Labotek rotor hopper dyer small

Rotor Hopper Dryer 30 - 100 L. The desiccant rotor technology results in a high drying performance at a consistent dew point of -35°C or better.

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Desiccant dryer mobile - DDM

Desiccant mobile dryers designed for the continuous drying of free-flowing plastic raw materials in granulate form.

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Desiccant Flex Dryers - DFD

Desiccant Flex Dryers for continuous drying of granular plastic materials to final moisture content of 0.02% or lower.

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Gravimetric dosing & mixing
For complex and demanding dosing and mixing tasks, Gravimix™ is the ideal solution.

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Volumetric dosing % mixing

Volumetric dosing devices to prices that corresponds a conventional dosing device.

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LHD - Labotek hot air dryer small

Hot air dryer - LHD - for drying the surface of raw free-flowing plastic granules

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Drying Hopper - DH - 15-12,000 L

Drying Hopper DH, capacities 15-12,000 L

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Gravu-Dryer - loss in weight drying system
Gravi-Dryer® - a loss in weight drying system that ONLY uses the energy required for the actual consumption, providing rapid return of investment (ROI).

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Centralised Drying systems

Labotek’s drying systems are known for durability, reliability, environmental protection and energy conservation.

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External Heat Recovery - EHR

EHR utilizes external hot water from compressor cooling or other processes, through high efficient air/water heat exchange devices, and transfer it into process air in Labotek drying systems.

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Getecha granulators

Plastics granulators for peripheral and central applications in the injection moulding-, extrusion-, blow moulding- and thermoforming industry.

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LabKab - opening bags machine small
Fully automatic machines for the opening and emptying of bags/sacks in containers or silos.

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Material bins
Portable and stationary material bins for ideal indoor/outdoor storage of raw materials.

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