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Tautenhahn testimonial

”Unser Anliegen ist die Zufriedenheit unserer Kunden. Dies wird auch durch die Produkte von Labotek unterstützt. Für die Verarbeitung der Materialien setzen wir Gerätschaften der Labotek ein, um...”


Optimal logo

”As a major supplier of fibre optical cable we have relied upon the well proven performance of the Labotek DDM drying systems for Polyamide, PBT and LSZH compounds since the early 1990’s. As new requirements...”

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Legrom logo

”Ein automatisierter Maschinenpark mit modernster Peripherie ermöglicht uns, Präzisionsteile höchster Komplexität zu fertigen. Zur Unterstützung setzen wir Labotek Gerätschaften im Bereich der...”


Sistema logo

”Our brief for an optimum system was to achieve 5 key points and remain within our budget. Labotek were one of the few system suppliers available to meet this design brief. The system design was...”

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Winzeler Gear logo

“Even though our initial Labotek system components has been in operation for almost 14 years, we have been able to expand the Labotek hardware components through the use of the latest software and Gravi-Dryer® load cell technology...”

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Seeley logo

“The reason why we landed with Labotek was their engineering support, they had very good turnaround timing quotes, also it had a lot to do with the componentry which goes into the system...”

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Ultra Reflex logo

”Changing the materials handling from single dryers towards a Central Material Supply System has not only increased the qualtity standards and optimized the processes, it is also the base for a hazzle-free further expansion of the...”

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Tekplas testimonial

”The initial installation for 12 machines was completed in 10 days. Since then, we have added another 5 machines, the modular design of the Labotek system made this a simple exercise. We are very happy...”

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Siepe testimonial

”Eine Gesamtlösung aus einer Hand mit Silos, kompletter Materialversorgung, Dosier- und Mischerstationen und der hervorragenden „One-Wire“ Steuerungs-technologie zu bekommen, war der Pluspunkt...”


TrendPac logo

”We are extremely happy with our Labotek system in terms of reliability, aesthetics, modularity, ease of use and environmental impact such as very low noise levels and energy consumption...”

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hpg logo

”Der Erfolg mit Labotek Produkten ist letztlich der Erfolg unserer Kunden. Sie profitieren davon, dass wir als gut aufgestelltes Traditionsunternehmen konsequent auf Zukunft ausgerichtet...”


Duromer logo

”Labotek used their LT6 central vacuum station which offers very high vacuum with low material velocity ensuring throughput, while material speed was minimised to reduce pipe wear. Next the...”

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Danfoss logo

””We now avoid the need to dispose the large quantities of cardboard packaging that the plastic material previously was supplied with; the new setup with the three outdoor silos also benefits the environment...”

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