Operation Clean Sweep

Operation Clean Sweep

Plastics are brilliant and have changed countless lines of industries. Low costs, light weight, durable and exceptional barrier properties are just a few of its many properties.
When this is said, plastic pollution is undoubtedly a major environmental concern - but the tide has turned.
EU member states have signed up to a number of legislative proposals on waste, including a 75% target recycling rate on packaging waste by 2030.

We have a responsibility
As part of the plastics industry, we have a responsibility to help develop more efficient solutions for recycling.
Besides thinking CO2 reduction, power consumption and heat recovery into our products where ever possible, we support Operation Clean Sweep.

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Operation Clean Sweep is an international program designed to prevent and help keep plastic materials out of the marine environment. Members of the Global Plastics Alliance believe in integrated approaches for managing plastics resources that allow us to enjoy their benefits, without trashing our oceans.