Labotek Nordics Service tekniker


Laboteks fullt utrustade servicebussar

Våra kunniga servicetekniker har fullt utrustade servicebussar till sitt förfogande och vi täcker geografiskt hela Norden.

Time is money and it is not always enough to have the best products

Therefore, our Service Engineers have been well trained in our products and they receive continuous training so that we are able to provide the best and most efficient service possible.

Our Service Contracts are tailor-made to our customers’ requirements and we guarantee regular service and maintenance of our equipment.
If you need our service department, do not hesitate to call for our assistance and please have the serial number ready.

Return Report
Please help us to fill out the Return Report in order to guarantee a proper warranty or repair process.


Kontortid är mellan kl 8 och 16:
+46(0) 411 401 55


rj jd

Rikard Jellback

Mobil +46 (0) 000 000 000

Johan Duvander

Mobil +46 (0) 000 000 000   


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