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Conveying equipment Con-Evator PGT
Easy to install and maintain

Hopper Loader for automatic vacuum conveying of free-flowing granules

The Con-Evator PGT is a vacuum hopper loader designed for conveying of free-flowing granular plastic material from a bag or bin, to the intermediate hopper of the processing machine or another hopper.

The Con-Evator PGT is available in the following versions:

Standard (blower fitted on hopper)
The most common version with all parts assembled in one compact unit.

Con-Evator with separate control
Control separated from the machine with an extra long cable. Applicable to locations difficult to access at which adjustment of the control may be impeded.

Comprehensive 3 years warranty, excl. wear parts.

Con-Evator PGT 4 PGT 6.1 PGT 9
Vacuum hopper, capacity L 8 16 30

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