80 years in plastics

80 years in plastics

”This year we can celebrate our 80th birthday. We are planning to hold an open house reception after the summer holidays. Among other things, we will invite the local community and press - Labotek is something special in the local community.

Founded in 1943, Labotek has been a pioneer of solutions to the plastics industry. During the years we have e.g. sold more than 100,000 PGT’s – of which many still are functioning, which proves our cutting-edge solutions and high quality. 

In Denmark we have strong traditions for design; right from the childhood of plastics, Danish designers saw the opportunities in the new material. From B&O radios made of bakelite to Lego bricks, large-scale windmills, and footprints in rubber. Though Denmark is almost invisible on a world map, Danish design is world famous and appreciated all over the world.”

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