Dosing and Mixing

Dosing and mixing Ratio-Selector

Ratio-Selector valves

Time-controlled valve for mixing 2 materials or for emptying of grinder. Designed to operate in connection with a Con-Evator, Mini Feed 15-60 or another vacuum conveyor. Available with or without control.

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Dosing and Mixing - LaboDose

Gravimetric Doser

Highly accurate and cost-effective single component masterbatch & additive gravimetric feeder for injection molding, extrusion and blow molding machines.

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Labodose volumetric dosing

Volumetric Doser

A highly advanced volumetric dosing system based on a PLC. Easy to use and extremely reliable. Equipped with value added features that place it far beyond the capabilities of standard volumetric feeders.

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TSM Batch Blender

Batch Blender

TSM's range of OPTI-MIX Batch Blenders offers throughputs up to 3000 kg and can accommodate up to 12 material components.

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