Desiccant Mobile Rotor - DMR

Desiccant Mobile Rotor 

DMR desiccant mobile rotor series ensure max. energy efficiency and flexibility for small and medium size applications. Drying hopper capacities of 40, 75, 110, 200 and 300 L.

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Desiccant Dryer Mobile

The mobile desiccant dryers DDM V from Labotek, are designed for the continuous drying of free-flowing plastic granulates.

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Desiccant Dyer Mobile DDM 30-G

DDM 30-G

The gravimetric mobile desiccant dryer DDM 30-G is designed for the continuous drying of free-flowing plastic granulates.

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Desiccant Flex Dryer 300-8500

Desiccant Flex Dryer 

The DFD is a central desiccant dryer for continuous drying of plastic granulate materials to a final moisture content of 0.02% or lower. Range from 100 m³/h up to 8500 m³/h.

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The Conti-Dryer CD is a central hot-air drying system designed for the continuous drying of granular plastic material.

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Hot Air Dryer - LHD

Hot Air Dryer

The Labotek Hot Air Hopper Dryer, LHD, is a hot air dryer used for drying the surface of raw free-flowing plastic granules. Usage of the LHD is always advisable for non-hygroscopic materials. 

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Labotek Compressed Air Dryer - LCD

Compressed Air Dryer

The Labotek Compressed Air Dryer series LCD with a dew point down to -50°C, reduces power consumption.

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Drying Hopper 15-10,000 L

Drying Hopper 

15-12,000 L. For drying of hygroscopic and non-hygroscopic granular material and regrind, in the temp. range of 60-180°C. Heavily insulated and with built-in heating element. Stainless steel inside.

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Rotor Hopper Dryer - LRD

Rotor Hopper Dryer

LRD – Labotek Rotor Hopper Dryer 30 l. The desiccant rotor technology results in a high drying performance at a consistent dew point of -35°C or better. 

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Energy Efficient Solutions

Gravi-Dryer gravimetric drying hopper


A gravimetric drying hopper is capable of tracking the filling & discharge of plastic raw materials via the ”gain in weight” & ”loss in weight principles” in the most energy efficient ways available. 

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External Heat Recovery EHR

External Heat Recovery 

EHR utilizes external hot water from compressor cooling or other processes, through high efficient air/water heat exchange devices, and transfer it into process air in Labotek drying systems.

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Efficient Air Cooling

Together with battenfeld-cincinnati, Labotek has developed a new drying technology – EAC (Efficient Air Cooling) – efficiently utilizing the hot air generated during the extrusion process.

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