Conti Crystallizer

Batch Conti Crystallizer
The compact design minimizes footprint.

The Conti Crystallizer is a crystallization unit designed for continuous crystallization of amorphous (non-crystalline) PET

The batch control eliminates cross-contamination of amorphous and crystalline material.

The Conti Crystallizer is supplied in 2 designs:
• Vacuum conveying for crystallization of amorphous granular PET material (type V).
• Screw conveying for crystallization of regrind originating from bottle, sheet, or filmmaking in either flakes or another free-flowing form (type S).

Comes in 4 versions:

  CC80-V CC160-V  CC80-S   CC160-S 
Conveying Hopper [L] 80 160 80 160
Air volume max. [m³] 720 1440 720 1440


The crystallization capacity is dependent on the time of crystallization, bulk density, and the individual material.
The crystallization cycle is completed in approx. 20 minutes for amorphous PET and 15 minutes for film or bottle regrind owing to its larger surface.

Comprehensive 3-year warranty, excl. wear parts.

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