Labo-Scan Touch Screen Control

Labo-Scan Touch Screen Control for materials handling systems
The vacuum station set up menu is prepared for several filter cleaning options, such as dust cyclone, self purifying filter or Blow Back Valve.

Operation of the control is extremely easy; a user-friendly interface via a 6” touch screen enables automatic control of conveying of raw materials up to 32 stations.

The control is able to handle our energy-saving frequency-controlled vacuum station as standard.

Suction time, line clearing time, suction address and air speed frequency are adjusted directly on the screen, either via keyboard pad or drop-down boxes. The operator can scroll between station selections as required. The Labo-Scan control has built-in control of the suction address, where a pneumatic slide valve under a drying hopper is operated, securing a safe and self-cleaning conveying cycle.

Huge energy savings may be obtained through our series of frequency inverters.

The Labo-Scan Series offers…
• Significant energy savings via frequency-controlled blower
• 6” Touch Screen & PLC from Siemens
• Flexible setup for great visual appearance
• Full control of all parameters for each station
• Ease of use, no need for special training
• Personalized descriptive texts and plain alarm texts

Comprehensive 3-year warranty

Labo-Scan Touch Screen Control for material handling systems

The Labo-Scan controls are prepared for a number of options.


Labo-Scan 50
Up to 50 stations and 7” touch screen.
Delivery from March 2023.



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