Ratio-Selector Valves

Dosing & Mixing Ratio-Selector Valves
Easily mounted to hopper loader

Time-controlled dosing valves

Ratio-Selector 2000
The Ratio-Selector is a time-controlled valve for mixing two materials or emptying a grinder.
The Ratio-Selector is designed to operate in connection with a Con-Evator, Mini Feed 15-60, or another vacuum conveyor.
Available with or without control.


Ratio-Selector 818
Highly suitable for larger capacities 

Ratio-Selector 818
Ratio-Selector RS 818 is time controlled as the RS 2000, however, the design is performed with swivel arms, which minimizes wear and pressure drop as materials directly pass.


Integrated dosing valve Ratio-Selector
Quick access for easy cleaning

Ratio-Selector, Integrated Dosing Valve (IDV)
As RS 2000 & RS 818, IDV is time controlled. However, IDV is fully integrated in Labotek’s range of stainless vacuum hoppers SVR 4-50 (4-50 litres).

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