Magnet Grids

Hopper magnet grids
Magnet grids removes metal contamination from granules, regrind, powder etc.

Labotek hopper magnet grids are supplied for applications such as injection moulding, blow moulding, profile, and sheet film extrusion.

Metal contamination from granulator blades and other sources results in damage to screws, tooling, gear pumps, nozzles, hot runners, etc. which leads to expensive production downtime and repair costs.

A wide range of magnet sizes are available in rectangular, square, or round format to suit all sizes of production machines.

The magnets are available in the following dimensions:

Square Rectangular Round
100x100 mm 75x90 mm Ø 150 mm
150x150 mm 75x100 mm Ø 180 mm
180x180 mm 100x120 mm Ø 200 mm
200x200 mm 100x200 mm Ø 250 mm
250x250 mm 120x150 mm Ø 300 mm
300x300 mm 130x200 mm Ø 350 mm
  150x165 mm  

Other models and sizes are on demand.

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