Opening bags machine

Opening bags machine
LabKab with incorporated stacker and belt conveyor

Fully automatic machines for the opening and emptying of bags/sacks in containers or silos

The new enhanced LabKab consists now of 2 parts which makes it considerably easier to handle in the shipping.

The LabKab machines allow an increase in speed in the materials discharge process with no need for specialized operators. Built with the latest technology in automatism for the discharge of materials retained in bags/sacks piled up in pallets. A full pallet with bags/sacks of 25 kg each is placed in front of the machine which by means of a movable trolley, grabs the bags/sack and immediately discharges its content completely. Its effectiveness is of 99.9%.

The LabKab machines are controlled by a PLC and operated through an intuitive and easy-handling 7-inch touch screen.

• Materials to discharge: Pellets, grains, dust, and others
• Compatible with bags/sacks of plastic, jute, and knitted polypropylene
• Low energy consumption, reduction of raw materials, and maintenance costs
• TÜV and CE approved



Empty bags compactor - compress empty bags.

Stacker: Takes empty pallets that are discarded by the LabKab 12T machine with no operator intervention.

In-belt conveyor: Modular system that allows the automation of the load of full pallets.


Opening bags machine options

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