LRD - Labotek Rotor Hopper Dryer

LRD - Labotek Rotor Hopper Dryer
Den beprövade Honeycomp-tekniken säkerställer möjligheten att arbeta med konstanta daggpunktsvärden under hela arbetscykeln.

The desiccant rotor technology in our compact LRD series, results in a high drying performance at a consistent dew point of -35°C or better

The compact LRD series offers a lightweight dryers for mounting on the machine with hopper volumes of 30 to 100 L. The dry air volume is 15 - 30 m³/h.
Controlled regeneration and rotor technology guarantees a high energy efficiency and low power consumption.

Standard Features
• Supporting Base
• Lid for SVR/Mini-Feed
• Dry air dew point is -35°C or better
• No compressed air or cooling water needed
• Process air temperatures 50-140°C
• Automatic operation with daily/weekly timer
• Side-channel blower
• Easy access process airfilter
• Honeycomb rotor dry air technology
• 3 dew point settings
• Low maintenance
• Control with integrated ”LESS” function to reduce energy consumption and protect against over drying
• 3 levels of drying performance

Optional features
• Mobile frame with catchbox
• Hand-held control
• Dew point sensor only at new machines at request


Multi control for Labotek Rotor Hopper Dryer








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