Centralised Conveying Systems

Centralised Conveying Systems

Labotek’s conveying systems are recognized for their high level of durability and performance

Our frequency-controlled vacuum stations and dust separation technologies reduce energy requirements dramatically. Labotek systems are quiet (< 69 dBa), maintenance-free, and modularly constructed with a number of blowers connected in series that maintain a deep vacuum at low airspeeds.

Vacuum Stations
Labotek Vacuum stations are used either as single, double, or dry claw pump executions in order to maintain a deep vacuum at the lowest possible airspeed. The blowers are maintenance-free and available from 0.4 kW, with endless combination options.

Vacuum stations

Frequency Inverters
Conveying airspeed may be controlled via our frequency inverter range. Each station may have its own individual airspeed setting, depending on the material being conveyed. Huge energy savings are obtained, and raw materials are gently conveyed increasing the life span of pipe systems and hoses.

Labo-Sync Technology
Allows more synchronous conveying cycles simultaneously, achieving higher output and reliability. Significant energy savings through the use of frequency inverters maintaining a constant vacuum level.

Central Filters
Labotek has four different filtration systems as standard. Processors may choose between either a self-purifying filter, dust cyclone, blowback valve, or compressed air filter cleaning.

Self purifying filter

Vacuum Receivers

Are supplied in AISI 304 type SVR, with spring return vacuum valves. Vacuum reservoirs can be equipped with internal or external dosing valves for regrinding.

Vacuum reciever SVR 4-50

Coupling Stations

A coupling station is used when a number of different raw materials are transferred to the same production machine.

Piping Systems
Available in a number of different types of materials based on standard pipe dimensions. If glass-reinforced raw materials are used we employ glass elbows. Line cleaning valves, slide valves, and closed-loop systems are used for the efficient emptying of pipes, protecting raw materials from absorbing unwanted moisture during conveying.

Labotek coupling stations are available with a central station monitoring function.
The new automatic coupling station LaboLink takes full control of distributing all materials to the machine as per customer requirements.

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Material Hoppers

Labotek manufactures a wide selection of Material hoppers in either square or round designs, with raw material contact surfaces in stainless steel AISI 304.

Vaccum receivers and insulated hoppers



Comprehensive 3-year warranty, excl. wear parts.


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