Centralised Drying Systems

Centralised Drying Systems
LESS achieve energy savings of the drying air and provides protection against over drying.

Labotek’s drying systems are known for durability, reliability, environmental protection, and energy conservation.

Our clientele includes market-leading and high-tech companies in the most demanding and innovative branches of the plastics industry.

Labotek Energy Saving System (LESS)
Designed to achieve energy savings for the drying air that is fed to the drying hopper, as well as providing protection against over-drying.

The current drying temperature can be lowered by an optionally selected number of degrees from the set drying temperature.

Lowering of the temperature is automatically controlled by the return air temperature at each Drying Hopper DH.
The LESS system in Labo-Net control operates using a relative lowering of drying temperature after reaching the set value. Temperature reduction will begin when the material has been dried. Labotek is considered as one of the leading suppliers of drying technology, using only energy-saving technologies.

Please consult our staff for more information on the Labotek energy calculation program to obtain the exact Labotek energy consumption for drying.

Comprehensive 3-year warranty, excl. wear parts.





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