Coupling Stations

Coupling Stations
All fittings are made in stainless steel AISI 304 or optionally in glass execution for minimizing wear, when conveying glass reinforced materials.

Labotek’s Coupling Stations are available in numerous combinations

Labotek coupling stations are available in numerous combinations, even with a control monitoring function. All fittings are made in stainless steel AISI 304 or optionally in glass execution for minimizing wear when conveying glass-reinforced materials.

Labotek coupling stations are tailored to each application, our unique pipe fittings are not welded together, making it possible to expand/replace single parts.

LaboLink screen

Labotek Labo-Link series takes full control of the distribution of granular raw plastic materials to the destination as per customer requirements. A user-friendly Siemens interface via a 7” colour touch screen provides automatic control of conveying raw materials to Injection moulding, Extrusion or Blow moulding machines without any chance of cross-contamination between the materials' sources and their final destination.

The LaboLink system is easily synchronized with the Labo-Net system through Siemens Profinet cable and enables a great visual appearance. Labo-Net can handle the Labotek Energy Saving Systems & Labotek frequency-controlled vacuum stations as standard. The Labo-Net uses network communication between system components via the well-known, flexible and very reliable AS-Interface and Siemens Profi Net.

The LaboLink Series offers…
• Small-footprint framework comes with levelling caster wheels
• Available in 3 sizes: Standard Ø 50 mm, Ø 38 mm and Ø 65 mm
• Dual sensors for the positioning system
• Stepper motor with gearbox - accurate positioning capabilities and high torque delivery at high speeds
• Integrated all-door security system
• Pneumatic push-pull type configuration for accurate & leak proof conveying
• Unmatched flexibility in configuration options, giving a superior visual appearance
• Material contact points are in stainless steel
• Internet connectivity for remote access included (VPN via Labo-Net)
• Standard Material Data Base with 100 recipes - quick recipes change
• Ease of use, no need for special training
• Acoustic alarm
• 3 years warranty

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