Desiccant Dryer Mobile - DDM

Desiccant Dryer Mobile - DDM
Extremely small footprint of only 0.82 m²

The mobile desiccant dryers DDM from Labotek, are designed for the continuous drying of free-flowing plastic raw materials in granulate form

The DDM has been energy optimized and is available as a complete desiccant drying and integrated dry air conveying system to the processing machine, based on proven reliable and energy-saving design.

An HT (High Temperature) model is also available. Owing to the extremely accurate temperature control and a dew point of <-35ºC, or better, a final moisture content of less than 0.02% can be achieved (HT model 0.002%).

DDM series offers...
- Drying hopper capacities of 30, 60, 120, 180, and 225 liters, made in stainless steel AISI 304
- Electrical 3-phase power supply, no compressed air needed
- Built-in 3-phase conveying system to dryer (Con-Evator SVR)
- Dew point connection gate
- A separate over-temperature thermostat
- Comprehensive 3-year warranty, excl. wear parts

Touch Screen Control
DDM is operated via the microprocessor-based, 6" color touchscreen control. The touch screen is menu-driven, using basic symbols and enabling easy operator interface.


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