New Desiccant Mobile Rotor - DMR

Desiccant Mobile Rotor - DMR
The desiccant rotor technology guarantees large absorbing capacity and no dust emission

The new DMR Series offers maximum energy efficiency and flexibility 

The compact dryer supplies air flows from 30-90 m3/h with a constant dew point of -35°C or better, thanks to the desiccant rotor technology. Structure of the desiccant rotor is guaranteeing large absorbing capacity and no dust emission.

Standard Features
• Desiccant rotor technology supplying constant dew point
• No cooling water needed
• Range of drying and compressed air 60-140°C
• Labotek Energy Saving System (LESS)
• Drying hopper capacities of 40, 75, 110, 200 and 300 litres
• 3 phase power supply, no compressed air needed

Now available in 200 and 300 litres!

Optional features
• Data logging and communication with IMM
• Built-in dew point sensor
• Low temperature version 40-140°C (cooling water needed). High temperature version 60-180°C (cooling water needed). 
• Tropical execution for high ambient conditions

Comprehensive 3 year warranty, excluding wear parts


PLC control for Desiccant Mobile Rotor - DMR

 DMR 110 is compact with only 0.6 m2 footprint





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