LHD - Labotek Hot Air Dryer

LHD - Labotek Hot Air Dryer
The insulated drying hopper saves power

A hot air dryer for drying the surface of raw free-flowing plastic granules

The Hot Air Hopper Dryer, LHD, is a hot air dryer used for drying the surface of raw free-flowing plastic granules. Usage of the LHD is always advisable for non-hygroscopic materials.

The LHD will ensure the input of material set temperature, giving the advantages such as:

• Improve surface finish
• Eliminates/reduces silver sticks
• Reduces requirement of holding and injection pressure
• Consistent charging time and pressure

Standard Features
• Insulated Hopper dryer save heat loss and thus power saving is achieved
• Insulation thickness is more than 25 mm
• Stainless steel construction hence can be used for food grade and medical applications
• Cleaning window for material change Hopper magnet is in standard scope
• Highly Precise PID temperature controller
• Overheat protection relay
• Hopper loader mounting arrangement
• Machine mount is standard
• Scheduled ON / OFF timer

Optional features
• Mobil frame with catch box and wheels


LHD mobile frame








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