LCD - Labotek Compressed Air Dryer

LCD - Labotek Compressed Air Dryer
The electronic control panel allows easy programming via the internal data base of main materials.

A range of compressed air dryers - the LCD dryer series - with a dew point down to -50°C!

Both models are designed to be machine mounted and for small-medium throughputs.
The electronic control panel allows easy programming via the internal database of main materials, with the possibility of free implementation of the data by the operator.

The electronic control allows modulating the flow of compressed air as a function of the hourly capacity and type of material which, in combination with the anti-stress system, automatically reduces the power consumption.

Drying Hopper available in 5 and 15 litres.

Standard Features
• Lid for SVR/Mini-Feed
• Electronic control microprocessor-based with LCD display
• Continuous modulating system of the compressed airflow
• Daily-weekly timer
• Solid state relay control
• Antistress system
• Visual and acoustic alarm
• Compressed air filter

Optional features
• Supporting base
• Mobile frame with catch box
• Wired remote control
• Dew point sensor only at new machines at request
• Dew point meter (on request)


Multi control for Labotek Compressed Air Dryer







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